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FSP Vocab Trainer

FSP Vocab Trainer

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Start Learning Medical German for FSP exam success with the FSP Vocab Trainer. 

Designed for international medical graduates, this course offers a unique blend of formal medical German for professional use and common medical German for patient interactions. Experience the power of speaking in medical German with access to native pronunciations of essential terms.

Why Choose the FSP Vocab Trainer?

  • Tailored Learning: Whether you’re a beginner seeking an introduction to medical German or an advanced learner preparing for the FSP exam, our course offers access to 100+ medical terms and can adapt to your level.
  • Community Support: Join an exclusive learning community of peers from across the globe, all pursuing their medical careers in Germany. Engage, collaborate, and grow together in a vibrant, social learning environment.

Start your path to Approbation and a PG in Germany by joining the FSP Vocab Trainer by Rohit Batra today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kavita K.
Cleared my FSP exam in one go!

This course made it super simple to gain confidence..I started using it 10 days before my FSP exam and it helped me revise all the common medical terms. Plus i had no idea i was pronouncing most of them WRONG.. Now i got my german correct, got complimented by the examiners during the exam on my amazing german pronunciation and cleared the FSP exam in one go

Ana N.
How simple and easy it has made learning medical german

Having used 5 books to get the vocabulary correct already, on which i had spent €100+ already, i wish i had come across the FSP Vocab Trainer sooner. I'm on A2 level of germany and this course makes learning the medical german terms so easy for me. I have been using it for the past 5 days and i am impressed at how good my language i starting to get. Super HAPPY!