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Does this sound familiar?


I am tired of trying to clear the PG exam, but it is too difficult..

Nobody likes rejection. Due to extreme competition, it is tougher than ever to crack the entrance exam for a PG.

And when you finally clear the PG exam, you won't have any choice in which branch to choose.


How are the hospitals in Germany?

Germany is home to world class hospitals with stellar architecture. University hospital in Berlin was voted as the 6th best hospital in the world by Newsweek in 2023.

Not only do you get exposure to cutting edge medicine, you will also be PAID handsomely. Starting salary of PG students on an average is €5000/month.


What language is the medical Residency course in Germany?

Everything you learn, you speak and you write is going to be in a foreign and alien language: German.


Can you help me?

It took me 2 years, €1000+ spent and hours of dedicated work to figure out what you need to succeed and start a PG in Germany.

Now I want to help you succeed and save loads of time, money and frustration along the way.

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