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  • Ana N., Ukraine

    Having used 5 books, on which i had spent €100+ already, i wish i had come across the FSP Vocab Trainer sooner. I'm on A2 level of germany and this course makes learning the medical german terms so easy for me. Super happy!

  • Kavita K., India

    I started using it 10 days before my FSP exam and it helped me revise all the common medical terms. This course made it super simple to gain confidence..I also got complimented by the examiners during the exam on my amazing german pronunciation :)

  • Dr. Mohd. S., Pakistan

    The audio trainer, makes pronouncing medical terms correctly so simple. I’m a fan!

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  • Vocabulary trainer for FSP exam preparation, ideal for medical licensing exams in Germany

    want to start preparation for the Fachsprachprüfung aka. the medical language exam from home

  • Vocabulary trainer for FSP exam preparation, ideal for medical licensing exams in Germany

    want to learn medical German and clear the FSP exam without investing 1000s of euros

  • Vocabulary trainer for FSP exam preparation, ideal for medical licensing exams in Germany

    want to improve communication skills to talk to patients and doctors in proper medical German

Enhance your skills for the Fachsprachenprüfung with our specialised medical German course. Perfect for MBBS graduates looking for online and short-term courses

Use FSP Vocab Trainer from home

Grow your medical German vocabulary and start your Fachsprachenprüfung preparation from home TODAY

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  • Dr. D. Singh, India

    From a very long time I was searching for something like that and was so glad to come across such a platform . as the process of learning general German is little exhaustive and monotonous 😜. So to have something like this alongside keeps u motivated😊

  • Dr. John, India

    Hi I am a practicing Orthopedic surgeon from India..Just started on my German learning pathway recently doing A2 course material now. Thank you sir for the initiative and support for the doctor community. May your tribe grow.

  • Dr. Kevin M., Colombia

    Using the Vocab Trainer, specially with the learning community is so simple, even on the go. It’s made me love learning German!

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you choose us

Your advantage..

No need to search and translate

access to 100+ english medical terms and their correct translations in medical German AND their correct pronunciations in native German. This frees up your precious time and energy for FSP exam preparations.

Learn where you want

learn from your study table, in front of the mirror, in the bus, on an airplane. You can use the course with a phone, tablet or laptop, anytime, anywhere

No registrations required

you don't need to waste your time WAITING for a registration with the Landesprüfungsamt or the Arbeitsamt (Antrag auf Approbation) to begin your medical German exam preparations with us.

Access to exclusive learning community

you get to be a part of a group of highly motivated learners on their way to a PG in Germany. Share your questions, clear your doubts, find meaningful connections and stay motivated to learn German.

Vocabulary trainer for FSP exam preparation, ideal for medical licensing exams in Germany

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Get access to the exclusive community of learners to practice medical German with. You can ask your queries, upload a screenshot, a screen recording 📸, and even your voice recording if you want others to RATE your pronunciations! 😅

It's really fun!

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    Experience Medical German

    Read, listen and speak more than 100+ medical German terms to start your FSP exam preparations early

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    Learn To Pronounce

    You need to master your medical German pronunciation for success as a resident doctor in Germany. We will train you

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    Access Curated Community

    Join other learners from all over the world in a learning community

  • Solidify Your Learning

    Take the Quiz at the end of each chapter and remember what you learn. Use active recall and repetition techniques to your advantage

You will learn

Your course includes...

100+ medical German terms

Learning medical german has never been so easy! The medical terms in English are provided in a clear and easy to understand tabular form, translated into both formal medical german, used in conversation with other doctors, and simple german, used in communication with patients.

Active recall with a quiz

Take the quiz at the end of each chapter in the FSP Vocab Trainer. It is a method we are proud to encourage, and it works through a technique called active recall. Simply put, you can absorb information much faster if you review it several times.

Improve pronunciation

Train with EMMA, your personal audio trainer. Every German medical term in this course comes with its native german pronunciation to make it an immersive learning experience for YOU.

Read, listen and speak as you learn.

Access your learning community

We rise higher when we rise together.

Your exclusive access to the learning community is included in the course. Get in touch with learners from all around the world, ask questions, share progress and find your learning partner.

  • ✅ Beginner,

    not started learning german, but are curious about medical german and how challenging it is.

  • ✅ Intermediate,

    have started learning german A1-B1 level, and want to start your FSP exam preparation to use your time effectively.

  • ✅ Advanced,

    have completed B2/C1 german, started your FSP exam preparation, and want to quickly revise the most important vocabulary without using searching and translating medical terms.

  • are looking for a magic pill, and are not looking to put in the work.

  • are not interested in spending a few hours everyday practicing in front of the mirror and improving your vocabulary.

  • are not interested in pursuing a career in germany.

for your peace of mind


I am preparing for my FSP exam. Is this course for me?

Of course! This vocabulary trainer can be perfectly integrated into your current Fachsprachprüfung preparations. It will help you review and memorise 100+ most common medical terms and their correct pronunciations during the final days leading up to the FSP exam in no time.

I just started learning german 3 months ago. Is this course for me?

Of course! You are the learner who has the most to gain. The earlier you start learning medical German, the better you will be able to pass the medical German language exam. Each medical term is provided in both English and German with native pronunciation. You can work through this course at your own pace without having to invest thousands of euros in FSP preparation courses.

I haven't started learning german. Is this course for me?

Of course! The course is designed with YOU in mind. Each medical term in this FSP course is available first in English and then in German. This helps you learn better without having to go to Google to translate each term. Pronunciation is also provided to help you get a "feel" for the language.

How long can I keep using the course for?

You get a 1 year license including access to ALL the updates, when you purchase the course. There are no limits. We rise higher when we rise together.

Is the community a part of the course?

The exclusive community is an integral part of your learning experience. That is why it is included in your course. Inside you can ask questions, interact with other learners, share your progress and find an accountability partner. Let's start growing together.

I just subscribed to the course. Where can I access it?

Once you've completed your purchase, you'll receive a few emails in your inbox confirming your purchase, enrolling you in the FSP Vocabulary Trainer course and giving you access to our exclusive community.

You'll also receive your personalised login link, which will allow you to login to your account on THINKIFIC, where the entire course is hosted.

I just subscribed to the course. Where can I join the community?

You are automatically enrolled in the exclusive community after your purchase and can access it at any time from your Student Dashboard - just check your inbox for the order confirmation email.

Vocabulary trainer for FSP exam preparation, ideal for medical licensing exams in Germany

FSP Vocab Trainer

Start your Fachprachprüfung preparation from home WITHOUT spending 1000's of euros

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