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    Experience Medical German

    Whether experienced learner or a beginner wanting to try, this course will satisfy all curiosities!

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    Native Audio Pronunciations

    Learn to pronounce medical german terminologies the right way with curated audio files.

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    Scientific methods of learning

    Use advance methods of spaced learning, chunking, active recall and repetition techniques to your advantage.

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    Curated Community

    Join others like minded people and come together for learning to grow together!

You will learn

The basics of FSP trainer include

Medical terms 'chunked' together

The most common and the most important terms from each system of the human body are categorised into 8 Chapters. This technique is called chunking. The terms are provided both in the medical german, used in conversation with other doctors, and simple german, used to communicate with patients.

Correct grammatical articles

As you know, every noun in the german language has an article in the beginning (der, die or das). This has been provided to you and by repetition and revision, it will get anchored inside your brain.

Train with your senses

Every terminology in this course spoken to you in native german to make you familiar with the correct pronunciation. Read, Hear and Speak. You will get to learn only the BEST way to communicate.

Quiz yourself

Active recall is a key method for storing information as memories. You can absorb information much more quickly after revising them multiple times. Taking the quiz after every chapter of the course will help you do that. You’ll be tempted to give up. Watch what happens when you don’t.

  • Beginner,

    not learning german, but are curious about medical german and how challenging can it be.

  • Intermediate,

    have started learning german, and want to jumpstart your preparation for your FSP early by becoming familiar with medical terminologies.

  • Advanced,

    have learned C1 german, are already deep in preparatory mode for the FSP, and want to revise the most important vocabulary, quickly and efficiently.

  • are looking for a magic pill, and are not looking to put in the work.

  • are not interested in spending a few hours everyday practicing in front of the mirror and improving your vocabulary.

  • are not interested in pursuing a career in germany.

Discover how to speak medical german fluently

Start with a course that is simple to follow, yet powerful enough to teach you 100+ medical german terminologies along with their corresponding pronunciations in 8 days!

Using advance scientific techniques such as spaced repetition, chunking and active recall, you will learn to speak the correct terms in their native pronunciations like a professional.